SOLID - Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL - Automatic glass doors
Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL

Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL

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Impeccable drive - an ideal operation GEZE Slimdrive SL To ensure faultless operation, GEZE created several works. High performance motor for high voltage, low wear and maintenance-free works almost noiselessly. Transmission force is achieved by funicular belts and the guide rollers are located very precisely. Sash weight is distributed carrier profile between 2 x 4 rolls. Construction Slimdrive SL is a modular system, implemented entirely by aluminum and consists of mounting Account bearing account, protective cover and side parts.
- Mounting height of only 7 cm
- Mounting depth only 188 mm
- The connection is through Appliance connections
- Drive component screwed to the support profile
- bus chassis with drive components are attached to assembly profile without drilling
- Special profiles of anodised aluminum
- Continuous extruded roof profiles Fields of application Versatile: Slimdrive SL is operated, appropriately and for single leaf doors with wings of glass ESG, Isoglas 22 mm with fine framed or not framed with wings Located hidden hardware (IGG). Slimdrive SL is equally suitable degree of internal and external doors. Colors Automatic sliding Doors Slimdrive SL is available in EV1 colors and all colors in RAL-F. Assembly All mounting parts and protective a cover mounted on the front. Thanks relevant sections Slimdrive SL suits all profiles of column-rigelni structures, and almost all facade profiles and wall turrets. Maintenance Extremely easy to service Slimdrive SL is due to view the system concept with slightly accessible elements drive works entirely in digital mode.
- Convenient maintenance thanks downloading parts, and also stored able safety parts (Cover).
- easily accessible external terminal racks with integrated cable channel.
- Setting and testing the construction is done wholly and exclusively from programming switch with display.
- engine, gear and rack belts do not require maintenance. Optimal ratio of height to width of passage opening of the wings in the types Slimdrive SL (recommended by GEZE)

Variety of options for Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL

Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL is available in the following types and models:
Slimdrive SL
Slimdrive SL-FR / SL-BO
Slimdrive SL-IGG
Slimdrive SLV / SLV-FR
Slimdrive SL-RD
Locking bars for Slimdrive SL
Slimdrive SLT / SLT-FR
Management and key features of the Автоматични стъклени врати Slimdrive SL