Блиндирани врати

Блиндирани врати

Security doors

Device security doors

Security doors are a special type of reinforced doors. Most often the stiffeners are made ​​of metal, for that very reason you can hear their other name - metal doors. But here I must mention a few differences: an ordinary metal door and can generally be more volatile than those specially designed to withstand major challenges of Thieves Security doors. As you can see yourself as you read one of the major companies producing security doors in the world - Dierre.

The boundary between home and the outside world, the first traits of your personality, this is a door in your house.
Each entrance door Dierre is primarily to protect your home against intrusion (burglary). These doors are made ​​using the latest security devices and technologies that only Dierre can offer its customers.
Armored door can put whatever you want, to harmonize with you and reflect your lifestyle.

Security doors

Company Dierre S.p.A. - Italy's largest manufacturer of security doors (350 thousand / year) in Europe. It owns five factories with modern equipment, in addition to security doors are manufactured fire, interior, garage, metal doors and locks.
Sash and the frame of security doors are made of profiled, elektropotsinkovana steel. Robotic assembly line takes care of the highest quality and precision in the manufacture of security doors. The leaf is covered with interior panels in over 12 000 varieties. Obkantvashtiyat profile of the wing is so stratified steel security door and pry it shock resistant. Locking metal wing to the metal frame is four-and effected by motor locks, safe locks and / or door locks with cylinders with electronic immobilizer. This gives izkluchitelnata security security doors which are manufactured by companies Dierre SpA Locks have transcode function (at any time can be purchased and sealed new keys to be exchanged for the secrecy of the lock). Gaskets "Hitech" provide heat and sound insulation in the doors of zhilishteto.Standartno built: adjustable drop threshold (for the seal to the floor), two-way (side lock), adjustable hinges with bearing studs MICRON and passive protection hinges. Thanks to the retainer opening the door protects the dwelling from the burglary. In the security doors to be installed Dyens Wide Spies - 160 - 200 degrees. Bronze fitting is optional: fixed or moving ball with a handle.
Security doors offered by Solid Ltd. have setifikati for vzlomoustoychivost in ENV 1627-1, are marked with CE and are accompanied by declarations of conformity by the manufacturer. Company Dierre S.p.A. is certified to ISO 9001:2000. Security doors have a 2 years European warranty.

Dress with panels of security doors

Every style and taste can be satisfied within a thousand colors, ornaments and tree species proposed by Dierre: milled panels pantografirani. panels with molded, painted, solid wood varnished water-based or double coated aluminum. There is a wide choice of models made ​​by a group carvers and product managers, whose taste in antique style carve wood of walnut, chestnut, oak and cherry with traditional techniques of carving and inlay.

Especially for Dierre, grips, balls and coat plates approved by Giugiaro design. Available in bronze, plated aluminum, black or white lacquer and solid brass with added protection system: vatreshna cap lock that opens and closes using a key. prevention of espionage inside the house. Also facing "New Creta" is available in bronze or silver aluminum, or polished brass.

The perfect balance of security doors

Hinges "Micron" standards built into some models. optional for others and standards for all leaf doors. Facilitate precise adjustment of the wing to the fund. by driving the hinge in any direction (visochina. depth and horizontal displacement). Thus eliminating errors in the installation and ensure perfect sealing of the door.

Drop-down threshold for security doors

All models of Dierre security doors are equipped standard with a drop threshold. Lever mechanism equipped with a rubber seal running in the closed position of the dragon. When closing the sash mechanism built into the thumb is pressed into the door frame and push the lever with rubber gasket for izolorane the bottom of the door opening and automatically retracts inside the door. Perfect solution for heat, noise insulation and Dimo.

Limiting opening

Thanks to a new device for limiting the opening "OPEN VIEW" you can enjoy a limited open security doors with an opportunity to look ahead and at the same time the metal door Ill protect you from intrusion. The new device, built on top of the frame, allows extra lock manipolirano inside the armored doors.

"NO SLAM" system security doors

This system keeps opening and closing of security doors fully under control. Thus preventing adverse effects of wind, air currents as protect children, the disabled, animals, or simply limit the forced closure of the door.

The door is fitted with a device thatthat allows fixed and certain angles of opening :30 °,60 ° and 90 °,but at the same time she is free to open to maximum position of 180 °. The system consists of two devices in case of double-leaf entrance door are fitted in active wing.

Securing the construction of metal doors.

The main structure of the metal door is composed of two thick steel profile. Contra Fund. which are anchored in the wall to it by screws to attach the main frame supporting the door leaf. All metal parts are galvanized and powder coated for dalgotrainost and resistance to weathering.

Security doors - Structure of the leaf

  • More security usigurena to increase the strength characteristics through the door blindiranostta

    The leaf is made of steel core wire with omega ribs, which increases the resistance of the whole structure of security doors. Spot welding of each piece gives a structure integrity. Integrated passive bolts in the rear of the wing and arm called "two-way" run by the latch does not allow the cashier to be iskrivyavana from external interference. Protective plate in the lock does not allow it to be boring on the outside.

  • More comfort themselves usiguren security doors

    Thermal and sound ilotsionni panels inside the wing provide excellent sound and heat insulation. Isolation of penetration of air and quiet closure is secured by PVC or EPDM Hi-Tech chamber seals located around the perimeter of security wing and door frame. Fixing of PVC steel caps. incurred by the rounded profiles fixed wing panels, improving the appearance of security doors and increase the robustness and security.