Външни врати
Външни врати Външни врати

Външни врати

Exterior Doors

External doors as intended are several groups:

1.1. Gates and barriers:

Gates and barriers - external doors

1.2. Multiple leaf doors:

1.2.1. Emergency exits to EN 1125:

Emergency exits - external doors

The door leaves are thick with rebate, thickness 55 mm galvanized steel, primed and powder coated with polyester paint termovtvardyavashta with mineral wool insulation and passive studs on the side of the hinge. Frame is a triangular shaped Z (angular) elektropotsinkovana 2 mm thick with plates and screws for installation.
The lock is reinforced konstuktivno - anti-panic, as the secondary wing is double locking. Hinges are 3:2 parts: adjustable height bearing and screw with a spring for self-closing - according to EN 1935:2002 protected pins. Doors open 180?. Handles or balls prepared for a secret hidden cartridge located inside anti-panic bars to EN 1125 on both wings. Doors are equipped with vodobrani and trilateral EPDM seals in the frame and the floor.

1.2.2. Emergency exits to EN 179:

Doors for technical facilities (dizelagregatni, boiler, sprinkler stations, etc..) are single and multi-leaf doors to EN 179.

Exterior Doors Company Hörmann

SOLID Ltd. offers the following range of external doors and accessories:

-Aluminum outer doors of the company Hörmann
-Outside doors ThermoPro Company Hörmann
Hoods-Alloy Company Hörmann