Гаражни врати
Гаражни врати Гаражни врати

Гаражни врати

Garage Doors offers by SOLID LTD

Roller Garage Door- SOLID LTD Doors for general parking

Doors for garages are common cost-effective and comprehensive solution combines:

Optimum profitability lasting functional and personal safety as well as extremely smooth running, even with higher frequency of use. It is the criterion relative indicator of the effectiveness of this type of garage doors makes them the preferred choice for some of our customers. The combination of two other important criterion is not reliability and safety demonstrate the advantages of this type of garage doors.

Garage Doors Berry - SOLID LTD Garage Doors „Berry” (type wing whole)

The guarantee is a criterion due to which more and more customers choose their garage door. Garage door "Berry" has a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer and is an excellent choice for our customers. Door, "Berry" was produced by hot-galvanized steel. Is powder coated in white or brown. This garage gate is a whole wing is constructed by the German company Hörmann in accordance with the strictest European quality standards. People who stop in their choice of this type of garage door and receive protection from trapping their fingers. Also provided is to protect the movement of the door thanks to the track rollers. The door is balanced, fixed in final position and it is impossible even in its fall to spring break. Stall installed in the garage door prevent damage to the vehicle. Rubber seals on frame and sash do not allow pronokvane water and dust in the garage, which extends the life of your vehicle. Vazmozhostta automation door dvuskortosten engine with a remote control equipped with a silent Kevlar belt requires no lubrication and maintenance of peace usiguryava owner in.

Sectional garage gate - SOLID LTD Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors, such as the EPU 40, consist of prefabricated panels made of galvanized steel coated both sides with synthetic polyester. The steel panels are enhanced with additional profiles using a special adhesive technique. In the model LPU 40 through polyurethane insulation is rigid foam 100% not containing freon, such stability is ensured by the robust structure of sandwich - panels.
Thanks to the sandwich panels and four rubber gaskets built into the garage door provide a high degree of toploizilatsiya 0,75 W/m2.K.
Sectional garage doors PRODUCTION of HORMANN constructed in accordance with European requirements for safety - EN 12 604, namely:

thanks to the patented shape of the frame, panels and hinges and the minimum gaps 2-4 mm, it is impossible pressing fingers and bruises on both sides of the door;
motor springs and cables are duplicated and installed hidden facilities with the grasping device so that it is not possible fall of the door (more than 30 mm) and injuries at break of spring or rope;
bed frames of the doors are completely closed and with endurance and adjustable motor rollers prevent spontaneous onset of garage gate;
The doors are protected by raising with burglary, but to prevent ingress of water and dust sheets in the room are fitted with top, side and bottom rubber gaskets. Sectional garage gates move vertically in guides are not necessary and free shipping at the door and the ceiling. The door may be motorized equipment or gear for a simplified standard operating procedure of HORMANN.

Gateway common garages- SOLID LTD Roller Garage Door

Garage door from Hörmann RollMatic released really place before and in the garage. Parking can approximate directly to the door and the ceiling of the garage remains free. Door profile RollMatic are made from high quality corrosion-resistant aluminum and are standard equipped with modern drive technology Hörmann.
For easy maintenance drive garage door is fitted outside foresight console. Activation and freeze the door RollMatic becomes extremely smooth and quiet, making it spares from dynamic overloads. In housing management have been integrated handle and internal lighting of the garage.