Индустриални врати
Индустриални врати Индустриални врати

Индустриални врати

Sectional industrial doors and gates

Industrial sectional doors in use within the industry are made from galvanized steel, coated both sides with a synthetic polyester, making them extremely resistant to aggressive weathering. Model SPU 40 is of sandwich - panels, thickness 42 mm. The filling of polyurethane foam, 100% free from carbon monoxide and freon, provides thermal insulation coefficient k = 0,5 W / kv.m.K to DIN 4108. The polyurethane foam is poured in computer controlled method in a continuous process that provides absolute and uniformity. In the model SPU 40 through increased thickness and resistance of the panels is possible incorporation of pedestrian door. The doors have been tested as construction pieces have certificates in EN 13242-1 for use in construction and are marked with C?, Which testifies to comply with technical standards in the European Union. Precinct of industrial portals PRODUCTION HORMANN constructed in accordance with European requirements for safety - EN 13241-1, namely: thanks to the patented shape of the frame, panels and hinges and the minimum gaps 2-4 mm is nezmozhno pressing fingers and bruises on both sides of the door; motor springs and cables are duplicated and installed hidden facilities with the grasping device so that it is not possible fall of the door (more than 30 mm) and injuries at break of spring or rope; bed frames of the doors in use within the industry are fully closed and with endurance and adjustable motor rollers prevent spontaneous onset of the door.

1.Industrialni doors Индустриални врати
2.Fast-moving industrial doors Индустриални врати
3.Industrial rolling shutters and rolling grillesИндустриални врати
The innovative technique of profiles Decotherm - Hörmann significantly improved roller door. The combination of optimized to the smallest details of the profile geometry and special steel and aluminum alloys, shows what can be achieved today in the manufacture of rolling shutters. "Full Hard" steel profiles Decotherm S increases the resistance of plastic deformation 3 times, and sustainability of the bend - by 10% compared to the profiles of standard material.Pri Hörmann doors, operators and management form a precisely matched system that offers high returns, reliable function and security.
4.Vrati folding
5.Vrata for general parking ET 500
6.Stomaneni sliding doors
7.Lentovi curtains
8.Letyashti doors
High-speed Doors Used in industry:.
Special performance etc. Industrial doors fast aims to reduce heat loss from the premises.
Quick portals "SoftEdge" production HORMANN are equipped with a unique patented device Anti-Crash, which makes them very safe and using them economically viable, as the doors move at a speed of 3 m / s and heat loss from pomomeshteniyata strongly reduced. Unable to damage the door and not neobhodimmi repairs and therefore lacks standing. In collision with an obstacle on the door bottom profile of the door out of the frame without damage, the door immediately stops. Thanks to its flexibility, it easily retracts into the frame, then lift the door with the help of the engine re-enter it at checkout and is ready for operation.
Door frame is potsinkovana steel brushes to seal the door leaf is opaque reinforced with PVC? = 1.5 mm aluminum profiles divided into several parts. Necessarily exists transparent part with? = 2 mm.Dolniya profile "SoftEdge" has a built-in safety photocell. Engine with U = 400 V, 50Hz with a degree of protection IP 54 and P 0.45-1.1 kwt.
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Industrial sectional gates

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Fast moving portals

* Industrial rolling shutters and rolling grilles

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles

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portals general garages ET 500

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Strip curtains

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