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Интериорни Врати Интериорни Врати

Интериорни Врати

Interior (home, office) doors

Colors of doors offered by SOLID Interior doors Zk, production HÖRMANN have very well-insulated - U = 2.1 W/m2.K and soundproof - 25 dB resolution. The leaf thickness is 40 mm and consists of two hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and insulation. Door hinges are equipped with usilvachi in the door leaf and frame is embedded in EPDM gasket and mounting plates. The lock has a regular key with the ability to embed a secret patron. The door meets the requirements for third climate class and S class load to DIN / humidity, temperature extremes, wind. Cover the door is in four variant: potsinkovani, prahovoboyadisani: white, in color RAL and covered with synthetic polyester in wood color.
1.2 Wood doors: wooden interior doors nterior doors from MDF filled "honeycomb" type. Door frame is entirely made of MDF. This makes them stronger and durable than widely razpraostranenite chipboard boxes Safe doors Machine-mounted nasreshtnitsi provide stable closure and reduces the possibility of errors in the fitting. doors parts Available in five colors without changing the price: Colors of doors offered by SOLID