SOLID LTD - Продуктова гама

Продуктова гама


History of Solid Ltd.

Our product range covers many doors for household and other industry leading manufacturers in Europe.
Wooden doors in conjunction with the front doors.
Metallic interior color choice or wood decor.
Multifunctional metal doors used in industrial buildings.
Industrial - Sectional. roller. fast. folding doors.
Transfer Equipment - nivoizravnitelni bridges. rubber gaskets. gateways. buffers. steel restraints
Fire - ONE. leaf. glass. wood. sliding. sectional. roller. soundproofed and others.
Automation for garage doors and gates.
Automatic glass doors.
Accessories - automatic self-closing. anti-panic system. access control.
Input armored
Internal metal
Steel general purpose
Garage (sektsionni. whole wing. engines and accessories)
Fire (ednokrili. leaf) - 700 pcs.