SOLID LTD - мисия и цели

мисия и цели


The aim of the Solid Ltd.

In the reference list "Solid LTD entering many buildings, the big ones being: Central warehouse Kaufland logistic Stryama, Hipemarketi Kaufland Plovdiv, Haskovo, Ruse, Pleven, Montana. Burgas. Sofia and others. - Fire. metal, sectional roll-up, fast doors and equipment tovaroraztovarni ramps, Grand Mall, Phoe Mall Varna, Varna Gallery Mall, Mega Mall Rousse, Pleven Mall, Maggie Mall Rousse, Danube Plaza Shopping Center "- fire. metal. sectional and automatic sliding doors. NPP-fire and metal doors She, Tehnoluks, Technomarket. Mr. Bricolage. Agropolychim, PTtZEKLANITZA Eco Chicken. Boro - fire. and metal doors. Kronospan - Sofia. Hotel "Golden Beach, Marina Palace. "Hermitage", "Mazhestik", "Golden Yavor, Trakia Studenets etc.., Avtotsentrove Peugeot, Ford, Citroen. Toyota. Mercedes, etc. .. "River Plaza Shopping Center" - fire. metal. sectional and automatic sliding doors. Business Park Varna ". and other housing. public and industrial facilities. Construction companies we work with are: Sienit, Regnis "Planex. Comfort. Top Bild Ekostroy 66. "DPSV. "Construction realistic. "Bavadon. "Ores". "Rack" Naftex Engineering. "Stroykonsult, MM Constructions" Livea, Betoneks Pleven. Prima Build "and others.

Our goal is always the customer to be satisfied