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Automatic self closing doors Automatic self closing doors

Automatic self closing doors

Consider osnovntata range of products the company GEZE for automation and automation of the glass doors. Representatives in this category are: * TS 1000
TS 1000 auto closing glass doors
* TS 3000/5000
TS 3000/5000 auto closing glass doors
* Boxer
Boxter auto closing glass doors
In automatically-operated doors with two photocell sensor takes care of the smooth movement of the door. Contact between the wicket door and large door ensure that the opening of the big door is closed vazmozhmo only wicket.
The door may be motorized equipment or gear for a simplified standard operating procedure of GEZE.
The engines are developed with logic and ability through software menus for setting all parameters for the movement of the door: initial and final position, velocity and force in opening and closing, automatic closing and dr.Dvigatelyat WA 400 has a smooth start and smooth stop, and encounter an obstacle stops and returns back door of 300 mm. Patented protection against burglary mechanically fix the door even in the absence of electric current. With the extra features, the door can be managed through distantsionenen console.