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Fire doors - offers by SOLID ООД

SOLID Company Ltd. is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of fire doors for general use, production company Dierre - Italy:

The doors separating the proceedings in a different category in fire danger and production of storage facilities are fire with fire resistance limit.
Fireproof metal doors for general use are manufactured by a company Dierre - Italy.
Fire doors are certified according to UNI 9723 and tested models, while items that are manufactured in series, have certificates CSI / CERT so that they comply with the tested experimental models. The products are marked with the CE, which indicates the Leipzig Charter quality products meeting the standards in the EU.
The doors remain at a certain time: R (resistance) - its mechanical resistance, E (emission) - do not miss the combustion products and I (insulation) - isolated from the room temperature of the fire. REI doors 60 and 120 have an opinion of the National Service Department Fire and Emergency Safety ref. No ON LV 269/30.03.2005 on the applicability of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Fire doors are composed of angular frame (and wall covering), which is embedded intumescent fire seal and the door is krilo.Kriloto sided housing of galvanized steel with thickness 65 mm, filled with thermal insulation material and painted in a color to RAL 9010 or optional. Hinges are adjustable, consist of three parts and inside them is a pre-spring was heavy, guaranteeing self-closing door. The doors are equipped with fire-resistant lock prepared for the cartridge. The handles are plastic, as this country from heat is fire.

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