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Product range Geze Automation for glass walls, doors and partitions

SOLID LTD company is a major partner of Geze for Bulgaria and offers a full range of products by their sary and heat removal, as well as operators and automatic doors.

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Automatic glass doors
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Glass walls and doors
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Systems essary and cooled

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Automatic self closing doors

Automatic sliding door systems

Geze are simply unreliable. Often, just as automatic sliding door systems are made extraordinary demands in terms of functionality and economy. Drive Econodrive of GEZE now offers very compelling advantages excellent price - quality. GEZE ECdrive - successor to the proven Econodrive - remains advantageous for obtaining and increasing productivity. ECdrive meets the weight the door leaf to 120 kg and It is uncompromisingly reliable in all the details. High materials and latest technology management guarantee high productivity. Thanks the minimum friction self-cleaning roller cart it drives the automatic sliding doors very quietly. Rounded lid with beautiful forms of GEZE design provides an attractive type.
Other advantages of the product
* Easy installation and great opportunities regulating the wings
* Intelligent protection to roll through an integrated roller trolley slider
* Convenient for client and service through accurate diagnosis and new mechanics developed
* Meets the highest requirements safety through self-learning management
* High operating reliability through the control of forces Closing
* High comfort by setting the parameters and an indication of status display programming switch. Universal field of use Sliding door systems GEZE ECdrive are suitable for single and double doors with wings and ESG- ISO-glass and frame and wood wings. They can be used to internal and external doors and FR in the implementation of evacuation and emergency exits. Met standard DIN 18650 To ensure optimum Safety of users automatic doors to DIN 18 650 is A single standard. Course is also sliding systems GEZE ECdrive doors have been tested and certified according to DIN 18 650 as constructive model. Management and more safety
* Radar Motion Detector Merkur R and Merkur S
* Combined with radar detector light curtain Activ R and S, Jupiter R and SV Safety closing
* Active infrared light Curtain Activ R and S, Jupiter R and SV
* Light barrier safety GZ 472 GZ 470 V or V Safety opening
* Active infrared curtain Iris S or Presence S
* Active infrared sensor AIR 30 Recently, these sensors can can also be used in doors evacuation and emergency outputs, subject to all other legislative requirements